Some copies from past – Spring Summer 2020

Spring Summer 2020. Guardando le sfilate mi sono accorto di dettagli che spaziano dal trucco alle calzature. Dettagli che sono spesso brutte copie di cose passati. Spesso in molti dimenticano le mode trascorse, così giornalisti e pubblico pensano si tratti di elementi frutto di creatività e innovazione. Vediamone alcuni.

Spring Summer 2020. Looking at the fashion shows I noticed details ranging from make-up to footwear. Details that are often bad copies of past things. Often many people forget the fashions passed, so journalists and the public think that these elements are that are the result of creativity and innovation. Sometimes, often, it is better the original. Let’s see three of them.

Style should celebrate individuality through the Twiggy’s make-up of the 60s, with the intention of emphasis the look, asserts Gucci Beauty. We are at Milan Fashion Week
and the models come on stage with bleach eyebrows covered with thick and dark artificial eyelashes. I personally believe that sometimes it would be better just copying from the past, avoiding slipping in a result lacking in sense, research. What do you think? In my comparison, on the left Gucci (ph Vogue Italia), in the right Twiggy in the 60s.

In my comparison Sharon Tate 1968 vs Mugler at his Paris Fashion Week SS 2020.
The unkempt eyebrows and fixed towards the other are not new. Ps: not even the eyeliner line is new, Chanel had already done it.

Pierre Cardin sequin gown, 1965 and Pierre Balmain on runway in Milan, 27/09/2019 for his ss 2020, ph Vogue Italia. Different dresses, same mood.

Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche 1976-77 and Celine prêt-à-porter ss 2020

Boots with a particular design, which have the heel taken from the red “Delman” shoes, preserved at the Met Museum and dated 1937 – 1939. The upper part is instead a mix between the cuissardes of Roger Vivier, 1967, and the creations of André Courreges, in the photo year 1970.

A little curiosity, which has nothing to do with the above. In June I made two sketches for a project, revisiting some constriction shirts for the characters, based on their oppressed identities. What a surprise yesterday, to see that Gucci developed the same concept. On the left, my figures on the right, the images of Vogue Italia from Spring Summer 2020

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An Actress, a Prince, a car crash

«Nell’estate del 1931 il principe più bello d’Europa, Umberto II di Savoia, fu oggetto di scandalose cronache che raccontavano di un presunto idillio tra il giovane, che si era sposato solo diciotto mesi prima, e la bellissima attrice hollywoodiana Jeanette MacDonald, giunta in Riviera per una vacanza. Il giorno in cui si sarebbe dovuta separare da Umberto, lei era seduta in macchina e lui era alla guida, l’automobile slittò sull’asfalto bagnato facendo sbalzare fuori dall’abitacolo i due. Il volto dell’attrice ne rimase sfigurato, per ricucirle il cuoio capelluto i chirurghi dovettero raderle la bionda chioma. Disperata Jeanette si fece aiutare dal banchiere Maurice Garfunkel che la affidò ai migliori specialisti di New York. La diva sfigurata fu restituita prontamente a Hollywood grazie a un abile intervento di chirurgia plastica.»

Tratto dal mio libro “Il Macabo e il Grottesco nella Moda e nel Costume“.

Storie incredibili, aneddoti e curiosità, info e shop al link:

«In the summer of 1931 the most beautiful prince of Europe, Umberto II of Savoy, was the object of scandalous chronicles that told of an alleged idyll between the young man, who had married only eighteen months before, and the beautiful Hollywood actress Jeanette MacDonald, come to the Riviera for holydays. The day she was supposed to leave Umberto, she was sitting in the car and he was driving, the car skidded on the wet asphalt, knocking the two out of the cockpit. The actress’s face was disfigured, and to round her scalp the surgeons had to shave her blonde hair. Desperate, Jeanette was helped by the banker Maurice Garfunkel who entrusted her to the best specialists in New York. The disfigured diva was promptly returned to Hollywood thanks to a skilful plastic surgery.»

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Back in fashion: 1916 and New Look

La moda, si sa, è fatta di eterni ritorni in fatto di stile, gusti, tendenze. E non è questo un fenomeno del tutto contemporaneo, anzi, affonda le proprie origini nella genesi della novità vestimentaria, che a dispetto del vocabolo, di nuovo spesso non ha nulla. Si confronti in proposito lo strano caso che riguarda la regina di Francia Maria Antonietta, discusso nel mio libro “Il Macabro e il Grottesco nella Moda e nel Costume“. Oggi vi presento la curiosa rielaborazione New Look di una tendenza apparsa nel 1916. Abiti più corti dei precedenti, dai volumi sorprendentemente innovativi, morbidi, con gonne ampie e arricciate sostenute da sottovesti a balze. Colori, fantasie, capricci neo barocchi si spostano così dal ’16 al ’47 per durare questa volta più a lungo. La mia selezione fotografica per voi.

Fashion, as we know, is made up of eternal returns in terms of style, tastes and trends. And this is not a completely contemporary phenomenon, indeed, it has its origins in the genesis of the modern dress, which despite the word, often has nothing of modern. Compare in this regard the strange case concerning the queen of France Marie Antoinette, discussed in my book “The Macabre and the Grotesque in Fashion and Costume“. Today I present to you all the curious New Look reworking of a trend that appeared in 1916. Shorter dresses than the previous ones, with surprisingly innovative volumes, soft, with wide and gathered skirts supported by flounced petticoats. Colors, fantasies, new-baroque trends move from ’16 to ’47 to last this time longer. My photo selection for you.

1916 evening gown
Model in a taffeta dress by Emilio Schuberth, Rome, 1955, photo by G.M. Fadigati
Gabrielle Chanel – Robes de Jersey,1916
Marcelle Dormoy, french couture fashion designer active from the 1910s to 1950, and a former model. 1948
Delineator fashion magazine, July 1916

1948, note the widths and lengths of the skirts, the patern, the necklines:

Jeanne Lanvin, 1916, and Marcel Dormoy 1948:

Fashion sketches fom 1916 and christian dior evening gown 1951.

same irregular cascades of pleated fabrics.

Jeanne Lanvin, 1916
Supermodel Barbara Mullen moeling Balenciaga Dress, 1947
Summer Afternoons dresses from April 1916
Christian Dior ball gown 1947
L’Art et la Mode, 1916
1957, Creators Studios New York
Robes et Chapeaux de Printemps – Le Style Parisien 1916
Cristobal Balenciaga 1948 Pleats, Photo Arik Népo
House of Lanvin 1916
Tailleur bar, House of Dior, 1947
Harvey Nichols day dress, 1916 From the Helen Larson Historic Fashion Collection at the FIDM Museum
“Ciao Bella” Jacques Fath stripes striped 1952

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Cannes Festival: history of the best look

E’ iniziata ieri la settantesima edizione del Festival del cinema di Cannes, dedicata all’attrice italiana Claudia Cardinale. Per l’occasione sono stato ospite di Michele Cucuzza e Mary De Gennaro nel salotto di Buon Pomeriggio. Ho analizzato per i telespettatori i look che hanno segnato, a mio avviso, la storia della kermesse grazie alla raffinatezza e alla bellezza di abiti e indossatrici. Non mancano anche alcuni outfit che hanno generato scandalo. Ecco qui la mia ricerca storica.


Me on Italian Tv talking about Cannes Film Festival in Fashion and Costume History.

Here’s my special research for you. Hope you will like.

luciano lapadula telenorba tv cannes film festival mary de gennaro michele cucuzza 2017 2018 buon pomeriggio moda storia della moda fashion


1955: l’attrice Grace Kelly è al festival dove incontra il principe Ranieri di Monaco.E’ colpo di fulmine, dopo un anno si sarebbero sposati.

1955: actress Grace Kelly is at the festival where she meets Prince Ranieri of Monaco.It’s love at first sight, after a year they would get married.


1. 1955 grace


Lo stesso anno Sophia Loren è ospite del Festival, e porta con sé una ventata di italianità. Curve giunoniche e abito principesco in pizzo e tulle di seta.

The same year Sophia Loren is a guest of the Festival, and brings with it a breath of Italianness. Junoesque curves and princely dress in lace and silk tulle.

2. Sophia 1955


Nel 1957 Elizabeth Taylor si presenta al Festival come una regina. Al bellissimo abito la diva dagli occhi viola abbina una tiara del 1880 in platino e diamanti, regalo del marito Mike Todd.

In 1957 Elizabeth Taylor looks as a queen. At the beautiful dress the purple eyed diva combines a tiara from 1880 in platinum and diamonds, a gift from her husband Mike Todd.

3. elizabeth taylor tiara regalata da mike todd 1957 (2)


1963: la bellissima Claudia Cardinale è al festival dove presenta “Il Gattopardo”, e desta scandalo quando si presenta con un ghepardo al guinzaglio.

1963: the beautiful Claudia Cardinale is at the festival where he presents “Il Gattopardo”, and causes a scandal when he presents a cheetah on a leash.

4. Claudia-Cardinale-Cannes 1963 il gattopardo


La bellezza e la classe di Catherine Deneuve & David Bailey, Festival di Cannes, 1966

It was 1966 and the young and beautiful Catherine Deneuve was togheter with David Bailey at Cannes Film Festival




Nel 1974 la cantante e attrice Jane Birkin indossa un bellissimo abito scuro in seta con piume di marabù. Eccentrica e dall’animo sovversivo abbina al bel vestito una maxi borsa modello cestino in paglia. Per la seconda serata invece sceglie un abito in stile anni ’20, ricamato con paillettes. Davvero bellissimi entrambi, ma quella borsa proprio no.

In 1974 the singer and actress Jane Birkin wore a beautiful dark silk dress with marabou feathers. Eccentric and with a subversive soul, it combines the beautiful dress with a large straw basket model bag. For the second evening he chooses a 1920s-style dress embroidered with sequins. Really beautiful both, but that bag just not.

jane birkin cannes 1974



Catherine Walker realizza il bellissimo abito in seta per la principessa Diana. Era il 1987, il vestito verrà venduto all’asta nel 2011 per 132.000 $

Catherine Walker makes the beautiful silk dress for Princess Diana. It was 1987, the dress will be auctioned in 2011 for $ 132,000

5. 1987-diana-and-charles-dress-catherine-walker venduto It was sold for over 80k at an LA auction in 2011.


E destò scandalo la supermodella Eva Herzigova quando nel 1996 si lasciò fotografare con indosso un outfit bondage. Hot pants e corpino in latex con borchie, stivali in vernice, frustino e bracciali in stile punk. Stupenda.

And the supermodel Eva Herzigova aroused scandal when in 1996 she let herself be photographed wearing a bondage outfit. Hot pants and latex bodice with studs, patent leather boots, whip and punk style bracelets. Wonderful.

6. 1996


Sophie Marceau non avrebbe mai immaginato che il suo semplicissimo, e anonimo, abitino avrebbe regalato un tale imprevisto quando la spallina non resse e lasciò vedere al pubblico un piccolo seno nudo.

Sophie Marceau could never have imagined that her very simple, anonymous, little dress would have given such an unexpected event when the strap did not stand and let the public see a small naked breast.

7. Sophie+Marceau 2005


Un quadro familiare straordinario per una diva bellissima. Angelina Jolie in Emanuel Ungaro. Anno 2008.

An extraordinary family picture for a beautiful diva. Angelina Jolie in Emanuel Ungaro. Year 2008.

8. 2008-angelina-jolie-iconic-cannes emanuel ungaro


Favoloso l’abito Versace indossato da Milla Jovovich durante l’edizione del 2008.

Fabulous Versace dress worn by Milla Jovovich during the 2008 edition.

9. Milla Jovovich Versace 2008


Come una Dea: Linda Evangelista in Lanvin. Cannes 2008

As a Goddess: Linda Evangelista in Lanvin. Cannes 2008



Versace veste anche Uma Thurman, edizione 2011 e 2015.

Versace also wears Uma Thurman, 2011 and 2015 edition.

10. 2011-uma-thurman-versace-gown


11. 2014-uma-thurman-versace (2)


Testimonial di Dior, la supermodella e attrice Charlize Theron sfoggia un elegantissimo abito giallo nel 2015, e un tuxedo dal sapore maschile non 2016: quando alla bellezza non serve altro.

Dior’s testimonial, supermodel and actress Charlize Theron shows off an elegant yellow dress in 2015, and a masculine tuxedo in 2016: when beauty does not need anything else.

12. 2015-charlize-theron-dior-couture


13. 2016


Eva Herzigova, ieri sul red carpet in Cavalli

Eva Herzigova, yesterday on the red carpet in Roberto Cavalli (edt 2017)


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